Available Service Categories in Apple Watch Repair Dubai

Available Services in Apple Watch Repair Dubai

Dubai, UAE
iWatch Series 7 Battery Repair/Replacement

At iStore Dubai, we provide professional battery repair and replacement services for the iWatch Se...

Starting at د.إ950.00
Dubai, UAE
iWatch Series 8 Touch Repair

At iStore Dubai, we offer professional touch repair services for the iWatch Series 8. If you're expe...

Starting at د.إ1100.00
Dubai, UAE
iWatch Series 8 Battery Repair/Replacement

The battery within your apple watch will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much be...

Starting at د.إ1100.00

Are you looking for a dependable Apple Watch repair service in Dubai, UAE?

iStore will take care of all of your Apple Watch repair needs. Our skilled technicians expertly repair all Apple Watch models and more.

We have your back when it comes to fixing broken screens, dead batteries, and other issues. Therefore, why put on weight when we are only a few clicks away? Now is the time to book us!

You can search for Apple Watch Repair Dubai or Apple Watch Repair on Google, or you can give us a call or send us a text at +971 50 201 0998

Apple Watch Screen

We can replace your Apple Watch's broken, cracked, or unresponsive screen with a high-quality one to restore its functionality and appearance. We promise high-quality service so that your watch will look new after we repair it. Visit our website at www.istoredubai.com.

Apple Watch Battery

Is your Apple Watch draining too quickly or not holding a charge? Do not worry iStore is here to replace the battery, ensuring optimal performance and battery life.

We at iStore don't have any trouble with it. We are available by phone at +971 50 201 0998.

Repair for Water Damage

Have you accidentally dropped your Apple Watch in liquid or water? In order to repair water damage and restore your device, our specialists can perform an in-depth assessment and provide the necessary repairs.

iStore provides expert water damage restoration services. We have specialists in water damage repair. We are here to assist you if you are dealing with water damage.

We provide free pickup and delivery services throughout Dubai at your convenience for your Apple Watch Repair.

Repairing Sensors and Buttons

We can fix or replace your Apple Watch's buttons if they are stuck, don't respond, or aren't working properly. In addition, we are able to resolve sensor-related issues to restore proper operations. For assistance from our highly skilled technicians, contact iStore. Visit our website at www.istoredubai.com

Strap Replacement

Do you require a new strap for your Apple Watch? You can customize your Apple Watch per your style and preferences by choosing from our extensive selection of straps.

Software troubleshooting

Imagine your Apple Watch experiencing software-related glitches, freezing, or other issues. Our skilled team identified software issues, ensuring your device functions flawlessly. Therefore, prioritize your peace of mind over your thoughts. Call us at +971 50 201 0998 for free pickup.

iStore provides service of the highest quality. We strive to provide fast, effective repairs and seek customer satisfaction.

Put your faith in us to bring your Apple Watch back to life and maintain smart connectivity. We currently provide free pickup and delivery.

iStore can be reached at +971 50 201 0998. Visit our website, www.istoredubai.com, for more information regarding our Apple Watch repair services.